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Viral Sensation Dexton Crutchfield Can Jump Over Anything

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

  • Meet Dexton Crutchfield, a young man of incredible height who can jump almost over anything!

  • Dexton Crutchfield is one of the newest viral Instagram sensations, a young man built almost like a superhuman with a height of 5’8″ who can jump a little over 25 feet in the distance;

  • Even though he has never actually measured his ability to jump in height, he’s sure that he can do at least 4 or even up to 5 feet, easily proven by his Instagram videos, as well as his grace and ability to maneuver his jumps with almost-like cat finesse;

  • Dexton Crutchfield never practices before his videos, as the exercise takes a toll on his joints and legs, so all videos he produces are authentic with no premeditation!


By Mihail Bonev

The high which the feeling of reaching great heights has always fascinated Dexton Crutchfield, which both made him addicted to practicing and exercising his great feat.

From a very young age, even as young as 6 years old, Dexton Crutchfield was already trying to reach new limits with his earliest memories being of his attempts to jump as a small child in order to reach the door and ceiling.

His extraordinary success at such a young age made him aware of his talent which he continued to nurture and exercise continuously throughout his life, up to the present day, eventually turning into the modern superhero he is today.

Dexton Crutchfield exercises his extraordinary ability continuously with no complex agenda, but simply because he loves the high which the feeling of being so high in the air gives him, as well as the fact that nobody else has undertaken this form of urban presentation of superpowers, making him one of the most unique and authentic Instagram phenomena.

Even though he hasn’t said anything about his musical preference, Dexton would definitely like Daft Punk’s classic “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” as his personal anthem because as he says, “Due to his height, he needs to run faster, jump stronger and land harder” as opposed to other people who are smaller in size, regardless of his natural talent.

Dexton Crutchfield also mentions that even though his extraordinary ability to jump is a born talent, doing it does physically exhaust him and sometimes even strains his joints due to the excessive force he needs to apply in order to practice his feat, but he has no intention of quitting as the high he gets while he’s up in the air is nothing less of his life-force which he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

A testament to his devotion is the fact that his record of jumping 35 feet in length over sand was done on an already injured leg, so it’s possible that he’s capable of even greater feats if he’s properly rested and revitalized.

Dexton Crutchfield popularity on Instagram virally exploded once he uploaded a video of him slam-dunking a basketball, and even though he says that he didn’t quite get it, people were nevertheless astounded by his ability to maneuver the heights so gracefully, and got over 100 thousand followers within days, jumping to over 200 thousand within a week, still growing as he continues to both upload videos and repeatedly astound people with his superpower

Dexton Crutchfield really appreciates the exposure he has gained, and even though he says that has many other talents on this character’s palette, his ability to jump is definitely his predominant one, and this is exactly as to why Travis Hoefle went out and interviewed Dexton to not only document his talent but help spread his exposure and perhaps even give birth to proper exposure of many other feats of strength this young superhero may one day undertake.

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