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The Backwards Dude Sings Bear Down Chicago Bears Fight Song Backwards! 

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

  • The Backwards Dude Sings Bear Down Chicago Bears Fight Song Backwards!

  • John Sevier Austin is a individual who has managed to amaze the world with his ability to fluently talk and sing backwards.

  • John credits his astonishing ability to talk and sing backward to his Asperger’s syndrome

  • The backstory on how he discovered and developed this peculiar talent is nothing less than a tale for the ages.


By Mihail Bonev

John Sevier Austin is a individual who has managed to amaze the world with his ability to fluently talk and sing backwards.  Today, he memorized The Chicago Bears fight song and was able to sing it completely backwards!

The inner workings of the human brain remain as one of science’s greatest fascinations and mysteries so far, and John Sevier Austin is one of the few individuals that can account for that by first hand.

John, as a sufferer of Asperger’s syndrome for his whole life (albeit being diagnosed just a year back), is a marvel of a human being with the savant-like ability to both fluently talk and sing backwards.

While people who are on the autism spectrum usually suffer from social withdraw due to their innate difficulty to properly socialize, even though for most of his life John simply knew that he was different with no precise knowledge on his condition, he made sure that he stuck out with rather than fade into obscurity, in a way turning his debilitation into a gift!

As previously mentioned, John knew that he was special (or at least, rather different) very early on in his childhood. However, the difficulties which he faced due to his condition were not something that he could inform his peers of, as high school is not known for having mature participants, but rather the opposite.

As such, instead of going to studies clubs or soccer practices during his high school years (which are socially intensive activities), John would prefer to listen to music in his room.

As a full-time video editor as of now, it’s obvious that his passion stuck with him and continued to evolve, but the discovery of his savant-like talent was much alike the plot of the cartoon show “The Powerpuff girls” – by pure accident.

One time, while trying to put on a tape and enjoy his daily hobby of listening to music in the usual manner, John put the tape backwards.

It was at this moment that he realized that not only did he understood the lyrics of the song, but was able to recreate them with ease unlike he had ever seen another person do.

While obviously gifted in his uncanny ability to talk and sing backwards, it wasn’t without years of practice before he was able to do it naturally and fluently.

Even though his brain had the extraordinary ability to not only interpret the lyrics but recreate them, it took some time and practice “pronouncing the vowels, cloves and consonants just right”, as John himself says.

The Chicago Bears National Football League’s fight song, the Bears Down, Chicago Bears is a timeless classic composed in 1941 by Al Hoffman (going under the pseudonym of Jerry downs at the time).

Having the Chicago Bears holding one of the largest win margins in NFL history with the score of 73 to 0 versus the Washington Redskins, since the official recording of the Bears Down, Chicago Bears in 1993 by Bill Archer (accompanied by the Big Bear Band), the song has been played at every home game ever since.

Even though the Chicago Bears fight song has only 5 verses, they’re quite lengthy and by a musician’s evaluation point, the song is quite complex in its rhythmic structure with many intervals of tonal pause and general heavy variation of the overall tonality of the song.

While for normal people just learning the song properly can be a task of itself due to its musical structure, John managed to learn the song backwards with utmost perfection, albeit it did take him weeks of practice to perfect this feat, as if “pronouncing the vowels, cloves and consonants just right” is hard while just talking backwards, singing a song with a complex rhythm is nothing less of an (almost) impossible feat!]]

John reports that people are just baffled at his uncanny ability to exercise this extraordinary feat, and whatever difficulties in socializing he initially had are now almost totally mitigated by his ability to impress people with the magnificence of how his brain operates in a previously unseen manner.

It’s not without a reason that Travis Hoefle went out and interviewed John, as iwonder TV motto is almost the same as the mentality with which John managed to turn his inhibition into a magnificent gift, which is to not only overcome the fear to be different but to also try and express your authenticity as much as you possibly can!

Watch the video below and be sure to subscribe to iwonder TV.

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