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Meet Jeff Dabe, The Man Who Has The World's Largest Wedding Ring Finger!

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

  • Jeff Dabe’s ring finger is so big, for the longest time he had to concede wearing a ring and just get a tattoo to symbolize that he’s married, simply because there were no rings that would fit the size of his ring finger!

  • Jeff only thought about getting a ring once a jewelry offered to custom made one for him at an acceptable price, having manually measure his finger at 4,78 inches and the ring size being 38, bought only as a token of respect for his wife!

  • While his story has had its ups and downs, he generally considers it a wholesome and a positive experience, and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world!


By Nikola Bonev

Jeff Dabe, even though he doesn’t have any form of gigantism and all his accented physical features are simply hereditary, that doesn’t take away in the slightest the fact that not only does he have the world’s largest wedding finger, but also beats Andre the Giant in some very specific physical aspects, wow!

While not registered in the Guinness world record mostly due to lack of interest and time restrains, Jeff Dabe definitely has the largest ring finger in the world, and that’s not a statement made lightly, as I’ll soon disclosure more interesting, eccentric and odd details!

Jeff’s ring finger is enormous, with his ring finger being 4,78 inches, ring size 38!

The size of his ring is the size of a small woman’s bracelet and without going hardcore into math to calculate the volume to the exact number, it can hold about four and a half quarters inside its volume, with a little space still left over for a nice wind’s breeze!

His finger is so large, the cardboard part of a toilet paper, when put on his finger, just barely slides within the diameter of his finger, with his finger being LONGER than the cardboard of the toilet paper’s roll! If he wasn’t a practicing husbandry, he’d be a great bass player!

While he doesn’t have gigantism (proven by a medical check-up on multiple occasions with different doctors), his condition is hereditary, meaning he was simply born with it.

Throughout his life, his condition has had both its moments and its downfalls, but he’s never considered a bad thing and as always approached it as a blessing, as while as a child some kinds would make fun of him and others would admire him, his size and especially his large hands came really in-handy when throw balls of hay on the farm where he lived when compared to other kids, and even in his young adolescence, his condition made it easier for him to practice wrestling and defeat his opponents simply due to his infallible grip!

His body also experiences something akin to what comes closest to “bodily chimerism”, with different but same parts of his body having different sizes (a.k.a hands, feet, legs, etc).

For an example, his feet are literary a few sizes apart, so he can’t just go out and buy a pair of really large or simply custom made shoes for his size, both of his feet differ from each other; This usually translates to custom made clothes, but having to measure every part of his body before the product is made so it fits appropriately for this monster of a man!

Likewise, his hands and his legs are different in size, but that isn’t usually as problematic as literary having to custom make pairs of shoes for each foot on a separate basis!

When talking about his physical features, possibly one of the most fascinating things about Jeff Dabe is the fact that in some physical aspects, he’s larger than Andre the Giant, who had medically confirmed gigantism, made a living out of, performed in movies at one point, and is literary the most famous person with the aforementioned condition on the whole planet!

Most notably, Jeff Dabe’s wrist is larger than Andre the Giant’s! Now that’s BIG!

Jeff still rocks a flip phone like a boss, as while it’s a little slower to type on it when compared to an iPhone, the buttons are larger and simply fit his needs appropriately.

Jeff didn’t have a ring for most of his life, as custom making a ring was way too expensive and too much of an ordeal to get it through, so he simply tattooed a ring so he could symbolize the marriage with his wife!

However, at measurements of 4,78 inches and a ring size 38, he finally got one in honor of his wife after he managed to find a jewelry that would measure his size and make the custom made ring within a reasonable price range, to finally give Jeff Dabe the satisfaction to proudly wear an physical ring to symbolize the love he has for his wife!

With a story as fascination as this, Travis Hoefle couldn’t resist but go out and personally interview this “Giant with a kind heart”, as there’s really no better way to put it!

Jeff is a powerhouse of a man and an absolute monster who’s retirement plan consists of tending to his pond so he can enjoy the tranquility it brings due to the care he puts in it!

If this doesn’t add up to a PG13 Disney story, I really don’t know what would!

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