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Life As An Adult Baby

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

  • Stanley Thornton is a full grown man who enjoys the comforts of dressing, acting, and living as a baby.

  • Stanley role-plays as a two-year-old child, who wears diapers, uses a bottle, but can still play and color.

  • Being an adult baby has been a method of coping with child abuse for Stanley.

  • Stanley operates a website for other adult babies where they can find tips, information, and connect with one another.

stanley thornton adult baby


By: Jesse Bereta

Stanley Thornton acts just like everyone else for most of the day. If you were to see him out in public, you would have no clue about his hobbies at home. Stanley Thornton is an adult baby.

“An adult baby is somebody who enjoys dressing up and acting like a baby,” explains Stanley to Travis Hoefle from iwonder TV.

“It could be as young as, you know, you want to be a six-month-old, or you can go up to two or three years old.”

stanley thornton adult baby

While most of us complain about being an adult while doing adult things, it can be hard to relax after a long day.

For Stanley, drinking juice out of a bottle, sleeping in a crib, and using diapers all help him to relax while he is at home.

He will spend a few hours each day roleplaying as a two-year-old child. He enjoys watching Handy Manny, coloring in his activity books, and playing with DUPLO building blocks.

“It’s relaxing to play with the Legos. I can forget about what’s going on and pretend I’m a kid again.”

stanley thornton adult baby

Stanley’s journey began when he was 13-years-old when he started wetting the bed. Wearing diapers began as a method of staying dry through the night, but soon they became a feeling of security.

After facing child abuse in his own childhood, he discovered that reverting to babyish behavior allowed him to feel comfortable.

“It’s not sexual. It’s all about just the safeness of being a child again. As a baby you’re safe and protected, you’re loved.”

stanley thornton adult baby

Stanley has invested in his hobby of adult babying and even has custom built furniture to fit his lifestyle.

In 2000, he started a website specifically for other adult babies where members can find mothers or other babies and tips on where to purchase diapers.

For Stanley, and many others, being an adult baby is part of everyday life, and they take comfort in acting like a child again,

stanley thornton adult baby

“A lot of people when they first meet me or hear about me online they assume that I’m an adult baby all day long, that’s all I do is lay in my crib.

And, the reality is I do it about an hour or two in the morning and about an hour in the evening.

“I’m like everybody else. For me getting into being an adult baby is kind of a complicated subject.

“Everything is very friendly and safe it’s just about being that 2 year old.”

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Debbie H
Debbie H
Nov 02, 2023

Because of Stanley Thornton social security now recognize adult babies. In this state taxpayers pay for caregivers and diapers and all the other things they need including housing and playpens highchairs and baby bottles as well as a clothing allowance. Plus depending on where you are at least one thousand dollars a month. Downside is you have to give up your driver's license and have someone else manage your money . Because as a adult baby status you can no longer make adult decisions.

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