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Eli Bishop The Fastest Clapper In The World Can Clap 1,103 A Minute

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

  • Eli Bishop Is The Fastest Clapper In The World! He Can Do An Amazing Twenty Claps Per Second – Baffles People On The Street With His Record-Breaking Skills

  • Eli is a professional violinist and started learning to play aged three-and-a-half

  • But he also holds the world record for the greatest number of claps in a minute

  • Astonishing footage shows him showcasing his skill to residents of Nashville, US

eli bishop the fastest clapper in the world


By Luke Kenton

You’ve got to hand it to this musician who boasts being able to clap a staggering 20 times a second – a strange skill that’s helped him break a world record!

Full-time musician Eli Bishop (26) from Nashville, Tennessee, in the US is no stranger to performing on the big stage, but it isn’t necessarily just his violin skills that have set the world alight.

In May 2014, Eli made his bizarre side passion of speed clapping public when he broke the Guinness World Record for the number of claps in a minute, achieving an unbelievable 1020 strikes.

eli bishop the fastest clapper in the world

Since then Eli Bishop has performed speed clapping all over the world, from the UK to Japan. In preparation to break the record Eli says he “clapped until exhaustion”.

The fastest clapper recently surpassed his own record with a new personal best of 1,103 claps in a minute, which is currently being reviewed by Guinness and will hopefully soon be announced as a new world record.

eli bishop the fastest clapper in the world

Filmmaker Travis Hoefle, who runs the YouTube Channel iwonder TV“, flew out from Chicago to meet with the The Fastest Clapper and documented his story.

“When I was training to break the world record I was clapping every day until exhaustion – I had to build up callouses on my hands.

“The hardest thing about clapping for the record is continuously doing it for a minute. It’s easy to do it for a short period of time, but to clap for 60 seconds is really difficult.

“It’s really straining and a lot of wear and tear on your hands.

eli bishop the fastest clapper in the world

Eli the fastest clapper in the world says people are usually entertained when they see him clapping.

“Most of the time they’re so confused. They don’t know what’s happening – but they’re always impressed by it.

“Clapping is just a really fun hobby for me. I’m actually a professional violinist.

“I’ve been given some great opportunities from clapping: I’ve been on TV in China, the US, UK, and I’ve met some incredible people.

“I’m so thankful for all of the opportunities that clapping has brought me.”

Watch the video below, and be sure to subscribe to iwonder TV

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