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Contortionist Twisty Troy James The Real Life Human Spider

Meet Troy James, a man with such body flexibility that allows him to both frighten and astound people with his extraordinary body-bending feats, always leaving his audience in a state of absolute awe!

  • Troy’s extraordinary feat has landed him some great gigs, acting like a horror mannequin in many American movies, SFX, TV series, and even some theme parks!

  • Troy utilizes his extraordinary flexibility both in the working environment and in his everyday life as he simply loves performing his signature odd bending tricks!

  • His gift is NOT due to genetics (which has been medically verified), and regarding Troy, he's just simply always been able to do it and has taken great pleasure in doing it, so over time his talent naturally grew into an extraordinary feat!


By Nikola Bonev

Troy James, also known as the “Flexible Horror Movie SpiderMan” is a young and an eccentric man with extraordinary body flexibility, which when displayed more often than not leaves his audience in a state of absolute awe!

While the feats he performs are more akin to stuntman performances rather than what you’d expect a gymnast to do, his extraordinary odd ability to do these performances has thankfully not gone unnoticed!

So forth he's had many gigs in various areas, including American movies, SFX, TV shows and even (naturally horror-themed) theme parks! Travis Hoefle’s interview of this young man is a standalone proof that Troy’s talents and skills are unique, and ultimately very impressive.

When performing his unique feats out in public just for the fun of it, the reactions Troy gets are varied – some people are astounded and bust out their phones to film him, while others get absolutely terrified and literary start running away until Troy breaks character and comforts them, leading to hilarious situations!

Whatever the case, differing from a person to a person, the singular reaction that all people share when witnessing his exceptional and odd feats is absolute awe!

According to Troy, his flexibility is not a result of anything related to genetics (which has been medically proven), but simply an innate ability which his body simply possessed, and the ability to do these extraordinary feats of elasticity go as back as when he was a child.

Naturally, as with everything else, when you’re good at something and thoroughly enjoy doing it on a personal basis, his talents simply grew as he practiced with each passing day, eventually leading to the miraculous stunts he’s able to pull off in the present day, and an absolute treat for anyone who has a sweet tooth for anything odd and unique!

On the topic of odd and unique, one of his extraordinary feats is his ability to bend his fingers all the way back, as well as bend his legs inside out, making him able to walk backward with his feet “pointing towards the right” direction!

His signature odd feat, however, is his ability to walk upside down in his traditional horror mannequin style, which also combines both of the above-mentioned feats in order to be properly pulled off, wow!

Besides the astounding gasps and terrified screams when performing his upside-down walking feat, the most common actual question he gets is whether the bending causes him any pain, to which the answer is absolutely none, as if it did, he simply wouldn’t do it.

Exercising his feats brings Troy great pleasure, and since they don’t cause him any immediate nor aftermath discomfort (let alone pain), Troy indulges into doing his feats anytime he likes it and anywhere he likes it, entertaining both himself and people around him in the process, making for some hilarious, eccentric, and definitely odd scenarios!

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