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Can Head Is The Human Suction Cup With Super Powers

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

  • Can Head Is The Human Suction Cup With Super Powers

  • Can Head has skin that allows him to stick cans, bottles, and other objects to his head.

  • He has a higher than average body temperature of 100 degrees Farenheit.

  • He can pour a bottle of water from his head!


By Neil Mathew

How many times have you thought about a superpower that you wish you had? Some people believe that Can Head, Jamie Keeton, truly does have supernatural abilities!

Keeton can actually stick cans to his head!

While he discovered the talent when he was just a child, he didn’t publicize the fact until decades later, as he was scared that he might be labeled a “freak”. Keeton says:

“When I was seven years old, things started sticking to me. My parents thought it was just the pine sap from me climbing trees.

Later, we found out it wasn’t, it was my skin, then it started sticking to more things than just toys.”

These days, he understands that he can profit off of promoting his abilities, even appearing on the hit TV show Ellen in 2010.

He has since turned the ability to be a human suction cup into a full-time career.

The truth is that Can Head has a rare skin condition that has baffled doctors across the country, where he can stick certain objects to his head.

Keeton claims that various tests performed on him have proven that his skin sucks in more oxygen than the average human being.

As a result, all sorts of objects can stick to him in ways that simply isn’t possible for others.

Keeton attributes the ability to his extremely rare blood type, RH Negative, which has also been called the “blood of gods” and the“blood of the aliens”.

There are some people that believe that individuals with this blood type actually descend from extraterrestrials.

According to Keeton, he is only one of four people in the world that has his type of skin which is why he says he’s a real life X-Men.

His skin boasts 123% oxygen intake, which is what allows it to act as a “suction cup”.

This also generates a massive amount of body heat, and his body temperature often hovers around 100 degrees, no matter the weather.

This helps him when he stands outside in the Chicago winter showing off his natural talents for tourists.

Objects can actually stick to Keeton’s whole body, whether it’s his back, stomach, hands, or otherwise but obviously, showing off how objects can stick to his head is the most marketable way that Keeton saw to move forward.

He can even pour drinks from his head, as well, which is one of his favorite tricks to perform.

Travis Hoefle of the iwonder TV trekked out to Chicago to see this incredible man for himself.

“Can Head” boasts a Guinness World Record for most drink cans placed on the head.

“Can Head” makes sure to use plastic and aluminum objects to show fans that there is no glue or magnetism involved.

Keeton loves toying with tourists, shooting cans from his hand in true X-Men fashion.

He credits the series for helping him have the courage to embrace himself fully.

He says, “It gave me the courage to let people see that I could do what I could do, I’m a real-life X-Men type person.”

Watch the video below and be sure to subscribe to iwonder TV.

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