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The Real life Popeye Has The Biggest Hands In The World

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

  • Jeff Dabe from Stacy, Minnesota, travels the country taking part in the World Armwrestling League

  • Competed with his right arm until he was injured in 1986 and then started using his left in 2012 

  • His massive forearms and hands give him a huge advantage over others

  • He was born with oversized limbs but scientists found he had no disorders


The Real Life Popeye's monster forearms measure 49cm in circumference. The 50-year-old arm wrestler, officially has the biggest hands in the world.

His hands have such a large span that he’s able to hold a basketball in each hand. He doesn't suffer from any genetic abnormalities or gigantism; he was simply born this way.

The Real Life Popeye recently showed off his Arm Wrestling skills for iwonder TV, a YouTube channel featuring humans doing extraordinarily weird things.

Having the biggest hands in the world I use a flip phone because an iPhone is just too small. Otherwise, I can do pretty much anything.  You just learn different things with what you have.

People are intimidated by the size of my hand is not quite sure what to do with or how to grasp it so it does help give me a little advantage that way.

My biggest fan is my wife Gina. She's always out there yelling for me. A lot of people say I'm a superhero or maybe a legend I guess I don't feel that way but if its portrayed that way I guess I'm honored to have that. To me I guess I'm not I don't feel superhero.

Just someone thats out enjoying what they love to do which I think goes a long ways I have a lot of loyal fans corresponding with my Facebook in public answer the questions take pictures with them I feel like to honor to have so many followers

Watch the video below, and be sure to subscribe to iwonder TV

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