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The Longest Tongue In The World

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

  • Meet Adrianne, a sweet young girl who believes that she has the longest tongue in the world!

  • Even though Adrianne is informed that there are many other people with comparatively large tongues, she believes that hers is the longest (longer than a business card!) and would like to perhaps someday be documented in the Guinness World Records;

  • While her record large tongue doesn’t cause her any troubles (like choking during sleeping as many people would believe), she revealed that she does need to dislocate her jaw slightly to fully extend her tongue;

  • While she doesn’t taste food or beverages any better than any other people, she does have a weird fascination with mustard to the point where she carries a bottle in her purse at all times!

longest tongue


By Mihail Bonev

While many of the people featured in The Wizard of Odd have some peculiar talent or an ability, Adrianne’s peculiarity comes in a form of a feature, with her tongue being one of the largest, if not the largest in the world at a length of incredible 4 inches!

When stretched out, her tongue is larger than a business card (and that’s not even counting the part of the tongue that is inside of the mouth, not visible or comparable to the card!).

longest tongue

By her words, her feature is “Both freaky and awesome”, and has been getting increasingly more exposure with time, with no small part accounted to Travis Hoefle, who went out and met Adrianne personally in order to not only check out if she has the longest tongue in the world but to hopefully gather enough exposure so eventually Guinness steps in and documents Adrianne’s extraordinary feature, solidifying her place in history with the longest tongue in the world.

longest tongue

While people are both fascinated and weirded out by the length of her tongue, they’re furthermost quite inquisitive about any other properties her tongue has besides its length, things alike if Adrianne has the ability to taste better or if perhaps due to its size, pose some irregular problems like making her choke during sleep and things alike.

While Adrianne says that she doesn’t taste things better or worse as far as she can tell nor does her tongue cause her any medical problems, she does actually need to slightly dislocate her jaw to fully extend her tongue which hurts a little, but it’s a price well worth for the joy she gets from people’s reactions.

longest tongue

However, even though she could have the longest tongue in the world that doesn’t mean she taste any better or worse than other people, she has a weird obsession with mustard to the point that she actually carries a bottle of it in her purse at all times which she freely takes out and spices up her food to her absolute delight, regardless whether she’s eating at home or dining in a restaurant. 

longest tongue

Her boyfriend, who she’s dated for quite some time is not only supportive for her odd behavior and possibly having the longest tongue in the world, but quite proud of Adrianne’s freedom in doing her thing, as when you’re gifted with a peculiar talent or a feature, the best thing you can do is be as authentic with it as possible.

longest tongue

Whether she’s messing with people when showing them her tongue or taking a whole bottle of mustard during dining and spraying her food with it like a topping, her behavior is amusing and definitely received with joy and sometimes even fascination, as she’s really authentic with her unique feature and uses it lightheartedly to mesmerize people with awe, which is nothing less than admirable as a form of a peculiar mingling exercise.

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