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Smoking 110 Marijuana Joints At Once – New World Record

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

  • Meet the famous Guinness world record holder comically known by his nickname as “The Unknown Guy”, who breaks the world record for smoking 110 joints in his mouth in one go!

  • The “Unknown Guy” is an eccentric Guinness world record holder with a very dry, down to earth yet highly charismatic demeanor!

  • Besides his demeanor, his clothing style and general aesthetic approach also match his stage personality, looking much alike if what you’d get if you brought someone from the 1980ties into the present day and casually told that person to go wild!

  • With the ability to not only fit 110 joints in his mouth but also smoking 110 joints in one go, it’s up to debate whether he or the record he’s holding is higher!

  • Regardless, he’s the number #1 Guinness record holder in the smoking category, and we hope that he’ll become the number #1 “Unknown person” in your hearts as well!

  • The combination of his appearance, his dry demeanor, his timeless clothing aesthetic and his bewildering ability, the Unknown Guy dissolves the boundaries between a simple phenomenon and contemporary art!

smoking 110 joints


By Mihail Bonev

The Unknown Guy is a remarkable individual and the current Guinness record holder for smoking 110 joints at once.

He is also known for having one of the largest mouths in the world. Its amazing to see how many joints a person can fit in their mouth at a given time, with possibly many other records on his eccentricity palette that fit the same niche or involve his specific extraordinary ability!

jim mouth stretching his mouth

With his dry and confident yet at the same time casual and charismatic demeanor, his appearance is nothing short of a siren’s call that entices anyone who has a nick for oddness, and that’s exactly why Travis Hoefle personally interviewed the “Unknown Guy” performing his signature feat

As while not providing it with proper exposition doesn’t diminish its standalone extraordinariness, providing it does actually increase it, simply going by the fact that there are more people around to appreciate it!

unwrapping joints

If there’s a person out there that I’d label as simply “cool” and be absolutely satisfied with that description as a standalone adjective, that would without a doubt be the Unknown Guy. Smoking 110 joints is no small task!

lighting up joints for smoking

His demeanor and clothing style which both work in a symbiotic unison ultimately form an aesthetic that looks like someone snatched him from the 1980ties in Chicago and brought them to the present day! Everyone was smoking back then but not like this!

110 joints smoking in jims large mouth

With a timeless classic clothing aesthetic, old timer dry demeanor yet casual and charismatic in the modern sense of the word, The Unknown Guy blends the boundaries between a simple phenomenon with his extraordinary ability and post-modern contemporary art.

Watch the video below, and be sure to subscribe to iwonder TV!

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