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Rick Smith Junior Is The World’s Most Accurate Card Thrower

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

  • World’s Most Accurate Card Thrower: World Record Trickster Turns Playing Cards Into Ninja Stars, Slicing Through Fruit And Veg Seamlessly With Eye Of The Needle Accuracy

  • Incredible footage shows card trickster chop hardened fruit with ease

  • Rick Smith Junior holds record for ‘World’s Most Accurate Card Thrower’

  • 37-year-old from Ohio discovered gift after accidentally slicing friends arm

  • Rick Smith Jr. Can throw a playing card over 90 mph

rick smith jr playing cards


By Luke Kenton

This incredible trickster can throw playing cards so hard and accurately that they seemingly turn into ninja stars, slicing through fruit and veg seamlessly, which has seen him land three world records.

Carrots, melons, mushrooms, cucumbers – no fruit or vegetable is safe from the clutches of Magician Rick Smith Jr and his incredible card throwing abilities – but thankfully his volunteers are, much to their relief.

Showcasing his mind bending talent, the 37-year-old from Cleveland, Ohio, carved through hardened fruit and veg using only regular playing cards, astonishing wrist-power and a very accurate aim, when he spoke to Travis Hoefle from iwonder TV.

Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the ‘World’s Most Accurate Card Thrower’, the renown illusionist discovered his niche knack in college, after throwing a card at his friend as a joke, accidentally slicing his arm.

rick smith jr playing cards

Even managing to hit moving targets with his dangerous card tricks, Rick also holds the world record for the furthest playing card throw (216 ft 4 inches) and the highest throw (70 ft 3 inches). 

Rick Smith Jr. Can throw a playing card over 90 mph can anything in its path.

Rick said: “Guinness World Records have recongised as the most accurate card thrower in the world.

“I’m so accurate I could actually take an object and hit it with a card, while it’s in their hands.

Rick Smith Jr. playing cards

“Some people believe the cards are made of plastic, but really these cards are actually just made of regular paper.

“I can throw a paper card so fast that it can cut the skin of a watermelon.

“I can throw a card over 90 miles per hour and there’s more records to be broken yet.”

Watch the video below, and be sure to subscribe to iwonder TV

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