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Ponies On The Delta Pony Play Festival In New Orleans Part 2 – The Dance Party

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

  • Pony Play Part 2! Meet the Ponies On the Delta, an extraordinary group of people with a combination of quirky, yet freeing hobby with which they express themselves!

  • For this “herd of ponies”, this roleplaying event is both a way for them to gather together from all around the world, and enjoy themselves in their unique and authentic form of self-expression!

  • Their role-play is loosely structured into games and celebration, a form of factual role-play, a form of competition in the field during the gathering and topping it off with freedom of expression with simply letting loose their inner authentic spirit during the night time club celebrations;

  • While the event is designed for adults and has some erotic elements during the club celebrations late in the night, the Ponies On the Delta say that their actions are often over-sexualized and to a point, rather misinterpreted;

pony play


By Mihail Bonev

Many people in today’s world feel that society limits their freedom of expression too tightly with its structure and regulations, totally foregoing the idea that freedom of expression is a necessary human requirement, which is somewhat damaging.

As such, many people in the modern world seek different ways to let loose, break the chains, or simply dance the night away.

pony play

However, many of the methods people choose for their self-expression are often somewhat damaging and quite self-destructive even (one of the most common examples being binge drinking with no actual goal, a.k.a drinking just to get drunk rather than using alcohol as a method to improve your mood and enjoy the night in a more relaxed atmosphere).

pony play

The Ponies On the Delta, however, as eccentric and unorthodox may they be, have found a way to combine the two elements of human authenticity: social gatherings and self-expression in one (ponytail) swoop!

pony play

Pony Play is gathering/festival is split into two loosely defined categories, the first one being their pony and pony owners role-play, which includes a variety of activities such as racing, competitions of different feats and the most primordial part of the whole activity, their personal pony role-play as a method of authentic self-expression.

The second category of their gathering is the attendance at a late night dance club where they gather after finishing their previous daily activities which usually begins after the sun sets.

pony play

While there are sexual and erotic elements of their role-play, in retrospect not only apparent but also highly accented during their attendance at the late-night dance club, the members of The Ponies On the Delta have expressed that their activities are usually oversexualized.

pony play

pony play

During the first part of the Pony Play festivities (the broad daylight role-play), the activities can actually be a lot more wholesome than people would initially assume, as the notion of roleplaying as a pony is an extremely childlike activity, an activity with which the members of The Ponies On the Delta shed off their adulthood and every turmoil that goes with it, and for a brief moment, just for a day, they get to be a child again, utterly devout of any serious responsibilities and absolutely free to express themselves in a very timid and playful manner, just like a child would.

pony play

Even though their method of self-expression is rather unorthodox, it’s definitely a healthy way of expressing one’s authenticity, as half of the role-play is the ability to mentally go back in time, back to one’s childhood and experience that forgotten primordial joy that has perhaps been somewhat lost to us with time due to real life obligations which adulthood brings with it.

pony play

Having understood the depth and complexity with which The Ponies On the Delta manage to captivate freedom of expression which may not be apparent at a first glance, Travis Hoefle felt the need to put some exposure on this eccentric group of people, so perhaps others can realize that

“The means to an end are still the means”, for as long as you manage to authentically express yourself and give in to the joy of freedom in a healthy and wholesome manner, it really doesn’t matter how obscurely you actually do it.

Watch the video below, and be sure to subscribe to iwonder TV!

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