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Plus Size Pole Dancer Is Teaching Women Body Confidence

  • Eda Marbury is an ex body dysmorphia sufferer who overcame the issues of the condition with the help of positive, energetic, and most importantly, sexy pole dancing!

  • Even though she had no previous serious exercise experiences as one of the negative side effects of having a negative bodily perception, she's managed to become a professional pole dancer within a time span of only 5 years!

  • While at first pole dancing was just her personal way to express herself and vent stress, she's now not only a professional at it, but also uses her knowledge to hold classes at which she teaches other women to use this method in order to improve their physical health, emotional health, and most importantly, their self-esteem!

  • While exercise is always healthy and that’s pretty much true for anyone and everyone, Eda Marbury managed to utilize pole dancing as the specific form of exercise with which she rejuvenated her previously damaged emotional well-being, which was somewhat hindered in its growth due to her condition in the past;

  • Many of her students are delighted to have her as a mentor, as Eda is not only a teacher, but a friend as well and is often praised by her students for the guidance she provides during their arduous process of self-development and emotional growth!


By Nikola Bonev

Meet Eda Marbury, the magnificent young woman who overcame her personal body image adversaries with the help of pole dancing. Eda Marbury is a magnificent young woman with a story for the ages, and to truly understand as to why that is the case, we need to take it from the top!

As with many other people who suffer from body dysmorphia, the main issue with the condition is not their unhealthy relationship with food, but rather their relationship with their self-perception, while the emotionally unhealthy relationship with food is a side effect of the condition.

Eda Marbury, alike many sufferers of body dysmorphia was actually anorexic for 7 years before she met her boyfriend (now husband!), and with his emotional support, she managed to overcome that form of an unhealthy relationship with food, only to develop a different unhealthy approach, which was binge eating.

Many people who have extreme self-perception issues usually undergo this transition, at first where they try to starve themselves to become " beautiful", only to adopt a method on the opposite side of the axis in order to deal with the same emotional issues which were troubling them in the first place, the substitute in this case being binge eating.

At this point, many people who deal with this condition (regardless of its severity) usually feel somewhat lost as to them it seems whatever they do, whether it’s not eating or eating too much due to the same emotional distress, they never seem to figure it out.

Eva explains that at first, even though she was monitoring her weight and doing everything in her power to deal with the issue of being overweight, the general anxiety she felt throughout her day made her almost unable to function properly in her day to day tasks and activities, let alone live her life as a dignified human being.

In this period of extreme stress, Eva desperately needed a personal form of unique self-expression, and that’s the exact thing that drove her to try out pole dancing.

While at first it was just a method of releasing stress, Eva quickly realized that she's somewhat gifted in the art of pole dancing, and continued to do it at an ever-increasing rate, getting better and better at it with every passing day.

The combination of her perfecting her art with the fact that exercise brings many both physiological and mental/emotional benefits, she managed to rejuvenate her damaged emotional being and develop a new sense of sense worth, which eventually became its own form of a passionate driving force in her life!

While we all know that exercise is good on a physical level, many people forget the ways it also reflect on both emotional and mental health, and while I won’t go into too much detail, I do want to note that physically stimulating your body makes it produce endorphins (commonly known as the hormone of happiness), which in retrospect also helps the growth of our emotional health and the nurture of our mental health in things alike self-perception, self-worth and overall feeling of self-betterment and self-esteem.

Whether Eva planned knew about the details of how pole dancing would affect her or even planned it is irrelevant, as she ultimately did hit the jackpot!

Within only 5 years of practice, she's become a professional and currently holds classes so other women can learn from her and use the same method she used to not only improve their physical well-being but their emotional and mental as well.

In a very wholesome manner, Eva calls herself “a girl of the big booty variety” and admits that twerking is somewhat of her guilty pleasure, as big booty and twerking naturally go well together!

While she loves the things pole dancing has done for her (or retrospective at least what pole dancing has helped her do for herself), she also really enjoys the simpler things in pole dancing, such as the fluid movement, the grace she expresses during her dancing, and most importantly, the fact that pole dancing makes her feel sexy!

While she’s a professional pole dance teacher at this point, many of her students point out that she's more-so a life coach and a spiritual guide when it comes to lifting their spirits rather than just a technical teacher that teaches them how to lift their butts!

Many of her students talk about how Eva’s a form of a kindle with which they reinvigorate their inner flame and their general more lively approach to life, accenting the fact that she’s always genuine and accepting, helping them accept the idea that self-confidence comes from within rather than a thing subjected to external factors, effectively helping them emotionally grow as healthier people.

With all this in mind, Eda Marbury is nothing less than an exceptional human being, doing nothing less than effectively being somewhat of the guide in many women’s lives on their journey to physical, emotional and mental growth, and not providing proper exposition to this form of benevolent altruism is not something Travis Hoefle would simply let slide by, so he went and interviewed her and her class personally so their message can become easily accessible and available to anyone wise enough to listen.

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