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Meet Wendy Marshal, The Young Lady Who Enjoys Eating Raw Meat!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

  • Wendy Marshal has been eating raw meat since she was two, as often when her parents or grandma would cook, she would sneak up and steal bits that were still raw, not having realized that her eating habits are a bit eccentric till middle school!

  • For her, eating raw meat is not a fad or a simple kink but a whole lifestyle, and she even has preferences on the types of meat she eats, even preferences within the variations of that same exact meat to better suit her taste palette!

  • For Wendy, this form of lifestyle is empowering, as not only is her eating style non-conforming, she’s actually quite knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and explains that both the process of eating the meat and the process of digesting it brings forth her more primordial nature, both mentally and physically!


By Nikola Bonev

Wendy Marshal is an young lady who’s been eating raw meat as her preferred method of nutrition since she was only two years old, and has no intentions of stopping any time soon!

While absolutely funky, for Wendy Marshall, eating raw meat is not a fad, but a fully developed lifestyle that spans into almost every aspect of her life, and she has quite the knowledge and the attitude to back it up!

For most of us, the sight of someone eating raw meat is going to leave us in confusion, maybe baffle us, or even produce a sense of antagonism towards the phenomenon.

However, Wendy Marshall perfectly explains it that all the possible negative reactions aren’t really justified as they’re a product of our social conditioning rather than our genuine shock or awe, as raw meat is a staple in many other cultures that’s as vanilla as cornflakes and milk is to us, the perfect example being dried bugs in Eastern cultures, as Wendy mentions.

Her first recollections of this practice are around the age of two when she would hang around the kitchen as a young child while her parents or grandma would cook, and while the meat was prepared, they would give her some raw minces and she’d enjoy it.

This practice would continue for Wendy for the rest of her life, and only during middle school she’d realize that her eating habits are rather divergent when compared to what’s usually partaken, or to be more precise, the form in which most people partake their meat.

Taking in consideration that eating minces of raw meat is a practice that goes back at least two generations in her family, it is possible that her dietary preference is a hereditary condition, but it could simply be the spicy gist which raw meat has that’s enabled Wendy to partake in this practice, a.ka “The iron, bloody taste and raw structure”, as Wendy puts it.

Rather than being shunned by her family as what you’d expect as a default reaction, they not only support her, but often join her for diner so they can hang out and enjoy some spiced, 90% lean raw ground beef!

While people usually question her methods due to hygienic purposes, she actually explains that as long as you’re careful enough and have the proper knowledge, there’s no real, or at least any greater risk with raw meat than with cooked one; As mentioned, regarding E. Coli, she explains that the bacteria only lives in poop, or more precisely, in the entrails of the animal, so you can’t just get E. Coli by eating raw meat if the meat has been properly and hygienically processed in the first place!

For her, it’s not even a choice anymore as not only does she mentally crave the iron taste and denser texture, she’s inadvertently started practicing ketogenic died, which is known to be one of the healthiest and best muscle building diets in the world, plus just as how a lactose intolerant person can’t process any dairy, her metabolism is simply hypercharged and has difficulties processing any form of cooked meat.

For Wendy, eating raw meat also has a mental appeal, as it makes her feel more primordial, visceral and “barbaric” as she jokingly so says; On the bonus side, besides the mental effect, raw meat also hypercharges certain hormones, meaning that it also has a microbiological effect / an effect on the whole endocrine system;

To put it on layman’s terms, her lady parts are as fine as they get, and she even probably experiences an increased libido more-so than the usual due to the aforementioned reasons.

When people see her out in the open, they usually have a negative or a flat out antagonistic reaction to her eating habits, and as Wendy puts it, that’s simply because of our social conditioning rather than actual distaste for the act, as we tend to fear and shun anything we don’t understand and might perceive as a possible danger (even if it’s cultural in this case).

Dispelling ignorance and teaching people to be more trustful of others is the main reason she did the interview, and with an opportunity to treat people with an odd bite while also spreading the message of how diverse humans can be in their behavior and habits, Travis Hoefle couldn’t resist the opportunity to go out and personally interview Wendy Marshall about her story.

Watch the video below, and be sure to subscribe to iWonder TV!

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