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Meet The Yellow Lady Who’s The World’s Biggest Fan Of The Color Yellow

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

  • Meet The Yellow Lady Who’s The World’s Biggest Fan Of The Color Yellow

  • Everything in Ella London’s house that can be yellow, is yellow.

  • From her clothes to her attitude, her admiration for the color yellow is her unique way of expressing her personality to the world in a jolly manner.

  • Rather than being just a lifestyle quirk, for Ella London, the notion of the color yellow shares deeper personal importance.


By Mihail Bonev

Ella London is probably the world’s biggest admirer of the color yellow, and she truly has the background to live up to the expectations!

From the coloring of her clothes to her shoes and even her house, Ella London has adopted the color yellow as an official mascot for both her lifestyle and attitude.

Her kitchen, living room and even her bathroom are all colored yellow, even coming equipped with accessories that follow the theme, such as yellow towels, a yellow makeup set, and even a yellow hairdryer.

She’s been wearing nothing but yellow for the past 7 years, her first yellow clothing purchase being a Marc Jacobs top, which she holds dear to her heart even to this day.

Her most favorite yellow possession is also her largest one, and that’s her car promptly named as the “Sunshine Mobile”.

Even though the naming was done on her Instagram on a poll between the choices of the “Yellow Mobile” and the “Sunshine Mobile”, she’s definitely happy that the latter one won by a milestone. 

Ella London’s dad passed away when she was just two months old, and even though she didn’t really have the chance to get to know him throughout her life, she notes that she delights the times when her mom would sit her down and talk about him while scrolling through family albums.

The thing that fascinated Ella the most is the fact that in their neighborhood in which all the houses were white, gray, brown and generally just consistent of a very blank color palette,

her dad colored the door and windows bright yellow, for which “The neighbors were none too happy”, yet she jokes about it in the jolliest manner, unquestionable delightfully.

The main turning point during her life regarding her fascination for the color yellow was the combination of her desire to present a form of a memoir to her father…and sheer luck.

During her wedding preparations, the usual dress colors really didn’t appeal to Ella, or “Simply weren’t vibing with me” as she puts it.

Her fiancé then had the genius idea to suggest the color yellow as the main theme for the whole wedding, and Ella was delighted to go with that.

Everything changed when during their wedding at the park, they saw that the lake behind them had changed its color to yellow because of algae growth.

At that moment, Ella felt that she managed to commemorate her father’s spirit into the wedding, and that day was the day when the Yellow Lady was born.

“One of the best things that people write to me is that I inspire them to be who they are” – Ella London;

The Yellow Lady uses her lifestyle quirk to bring joy and positivity to people, which is something Travis Hoefle stands firmly behind, as John Stuart Mill himself said that “The amount of eccentricity in a society is a measurement for its genius”.

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