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Meet The Sweet Pigeon Lady Who’s Widely Known As Mother Pigeon

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

  • Meet The Sweet Pigeon Lady Who’s Widely Known As “Mother Pigeon”!

  • Mother Pigeon goes through over 100 pounds of Pigeon food a week feeding different flocks of pigeons throughout New York City.

  • She feeds over a 200 pigeons just during her morning routine, consisting of her feeding different rooftop flocks that collectively gather on her rooftop.

  • Her love for pigeons is more than simple fascination, as Mother Pigeon considers them as part of the “life force” of the city itself.


By Mihail Bonev

Mother Pigeon grew her love for pigeons by simply observing them, seeing their different colors, their different behaviors, how they play with things, people and even between themselves.

In time, her affection for them grew immensely and as of now, this sweet Pigeon lady genuinely considers them as part of the city’s life force, as she quotes that “Without nature, without wildlife, the city is dead”.

One of her earliest joys in the day is to wake up to the sound of pigeons cooing, knowing that they not only know her but also wait for her patiently to come to her rooftop where pigeons from all of the surrounding rooftops gather as well in order to receive their breakfast by the hands and care of this sweet lady.

She’s been making hand sawn soft sculptured pigeons for six years now, which she not only sells to earn her daily coin but also makes a form of a “statist based theatrical show”, so the people can more wholeheartedly enjoy her exhibitions.

She doesn’t really count the time when making her soft sculptures and usually isn’t in any rush, as for her it’s more about the love invested in the production rather than the efficiency, put in her own words:

“It’s all about love, I’m not a machine” – Mother Pigeon;

The title “Mother Pigeon” doesn’t come without a reason, as she’s so well known in the pigeon world that even when she leaves her house pigeons come up to her at every corner, looking up to her to help them fill their belly.

Without a hassle, Mother Pigeon carries her Bag of seeds everywhere she goes so she can provide for the pigeons coming to her for a meal, for which she’s wholesomely prideful.

For her, pigeons are no less apart than us as a part of the living breath of the city, experiencing the struggle as we all do while living in the city we love. 

When going to present her soft sculptured pigeons, Mother Pigeon usually travels to the Union Square and the Washington Square, but also in odd-street corners where she places her pigeons and sells them.

She places her pigeons in a form of an exhibit which she calls “a Flash Flock”, where her pigeons are placed to imitate real life pigeons but are also accompanied by real pigeons which really makes the whole scenery “A real modern piece of motion art”, as Travis Hoefle would say.

During her exhibition, people get the chance to see pigeons up close and observe their beauty. This makes Mother Pigeon extremely happy as she really hopes that her actions have made people more acute in their appreciation for these little feathery beauties.

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