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Meet the Pink Lady of Hollywood Kitten Kay Sera

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

  • Meet Kitten Kay Sera, the pink lady of Hollywood, is more-so known as ‘The Queen of Pink”

  • Kitten Kay Sera is an woman with a great fascination for the color pink to the point which everything she owns (including her house and everything in it) is pink!

  • Besides just having a pink-painted house and all its rooms, everything those rooms hold (like her kitchen coffee cup, her bathroom’s soap and even her clothing drawers) are also painted pink!

  • Rather than a simple “fad” or a “gimmick”, this unique lifestyle which Kay Sera practices has personal expressional spiritual roots, as she uses her lifestyle as her method for self-expression rather than attention, as besides having been practicing this eccentric lifestyle for 36 years in a row now, its beginning is actually in 1998, at a time in which cameras weren’t as prevalent as they’re today, further solidifying the previous statement;

  • Albeit predominately pink, her eccentric lifestyle is pink-inclusive, meaning that even though pink is the color which she likes and uses to self-express, she urges to other people to find their individual ways to express their authenticity, without even having to be related to a color!

  • Last but not least, she has a pink poodle called Pinkerbell, who’s toys are all playful, cute, and most importantly, pink!


By Mihail Bonev

Kitten Kay Sera, is the notorious pink lady of Hollywood, having her knowhow amongst the people so famous to the point that she’s officially recognized as The Queen of Pink.

One of the magnificent facts regarding Kitten Kay Sera is the factuality that she’s been wearing monochromatically pink since 1998, long before cameras were a thing and fast-paced exposition was an accessible commodity.

Rather than doing it for exposition, Kitten Kay Sera practices her peculiar lifestyle as a method for personal authentic self-expression, which for her is best achieved by, well, cracking up the pink to eleven.

In her first year on the journey to refining her self-expression, while mostly pink, she did also include white and a tiny amount of black; however, by the end of the year she realized that monochromatic pink is the way to go for her and she’s been using pink as her go-to color ever since!

Kitten Kay Sera’s whole house, appropriately named The pink palace, is fully painted pink; but for her, that paint job was only the beginning of her monochromatic metamorphosis!

Every room in her house, including all the utensils those rooms hold are also painted pink!

Her kitchen, her bathtub, and her bedroom are all pink, with everything in them either being pink by default or being personally painted over to adhere to her monochromatic lifestyle, like her display of pink glasses which was originally black.

Her kitchen looks like a delightful pocket of happiness, with all its utensils like the fridge, the blender, and even her personal coffee cup being pink, having the same theme going for her bathtub where even her toilet paper is pink.

Her total adherence to her personal monochromatic pink lifestyle does not stop with her house, however, as her car which she ingeniously calls “The Pink mobile”,is also pink with her registration tablet spelling out “The pinkest”!

Her love for the color pink extends even outside the boundaries of the material, as her most loyal and trusted friend, a small poodle pup (called Pinkerbell) is also dyed pink, with all of its toys naturally being playful, squeaky and of course, pink.

Even though a middle-aged woman, Kitten Kay Sera loves the idea of “Barbie-ing up”, as one of her main hobbies is trying out new combinations of albeit all pink but differently designed clothes, shoes, and glasses, not only to experiment with new clothing styles but to also enjoy the act of dressing up itself, making her feel more alive, energetic, and most importantly, more authentic!

Most of her stuff is custom made, like the pink eyelashes and light bulbs on her car, as well as some of her shoes and glasses (of which she has over 50 to play around with!).

However, when asked as to why she’s adopted such an eccentric lifestyle, she says that on her journey to discover the best way to authentically self-express, she found out that adopting this monochromatic pink lifestyle is the best way she’ll achieve that goal, and in the process not only make herself feel good, but advocate for other people to not be afraid to go unto their own personal journey and find out what makes them unique, what makes them authentic, and most importantly, what makes them happy!

This is exactly the reason as to why Travis Hoefle went out and interviewed Kitten Kay Sera personally, as her lifestyle is as much a message as much it’s a phenomenon, telling people to not be afraid and seek their own personal ways to find their true authenticity and happiness, as their happiness will also inspire others to wholesomeness, and that’s nothing short of benevolence, which is exactly what we here at iwonder TV try to present to people around the globe!

Watch the video below, and be sure to subscribe to iwonder TV!

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