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Meet the Hollywood Eye Popper Chefboybonez

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

  • Meet the Hollywood Eye Popper: Chefboybonez

  • Chefboybonez can pop his eyes out to extreme lengths.

  • He is hoping to break the world record for his unique ability.

  • He has also gained internet notoriety for squeezing lemon juice and Windex into his eyes.


Recently, iwonder TV had an interview with the Guinness Book of World Record holder for having eyes bulge out of their head the farthest than anyone else alive.

Kim Goodman’s record sits at an impressive 12mm extension, you can see her whole interview here.

However, Kim may have some competition as an eccentric man from Hollywood has come out with some viral videos of his amazing ability.

Chefboybonez shocked the world with his post on social media recently as he squeezed lemon juice and Windex directly into his eyes.

What made the video all that more odd was that as he did it, his eyes were extending right out of his head.

Travis Hoefle of the iwonder TV had to fly out to Hollywood to meet the charismatic Chefboybonez and discovered a character that goes far beyond his inhuman eye trick.

Chefboybonez has only been on Instagram for a few months, and he explains how he gained his popularity so quickly and the inspiration for the scary lemon juice antics.

“Supreme Pat is this crazy @$$ dude that squirts lemon and lime juice in his eyes. I don’t advise anybody to do this,” Chefboybonez warns. “And, I’m like “I gotta top this video.

We got some lemon and lime juice and pop my eyes out squirt out the lemon and lime juice in my eyes and Rose squirted Windex in my eyes, and they did a million views in one day.”

Besides his eccentrics online, the Hollywood eye popper loves to show off his talents by taking them to the famous Hollywood Blvd.

“People get a kick out of this. Normal people, they don’t really know how to react to it. Some people are weirded out with it, by it. When I go out now people around town, they recognize me.”

As fun as Chefboybonez is he also offered some inspirational words for those out there with unique and odd gifts.

“Anybody out there that has any type of gift, man, don’t be afraid to express yourself. Because a lot of people out there have so many great talents who are afraid to express themselves.

I mean, I was one of those people. Honestly, you know, not really knowing how people would accept me for how the world would accept me, and just really having enough courage.”

How can you not love the outgoing nature of Chefboybonez? He makes us all feel better about how uniqueness. Something that we love to celebrate here at iwonder TV.

“Everybody’s weird in their own type of way. I would say, just be weird and be you.”

Watch the video below, and be sure to subscribe to iwonder TV

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