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Meet The Bearded Lady

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

  1. Meet Dakota The Bearded Lady, an extraordinary young woman with the ability to grow a full-fledged beard!

  2. Dakota the Bearded Lady has an adrenal gland disorder which makes her body produce larger amounts of testosterone than the usual amount, making her able to grow an extraordinary large beard!

  3. While there are many women with the similar hormonal disorder and are able to grow facial hair to some extent, Dakota definitely takes the cake and is officially declared as the only authentic bearded lady!

  4. While her life has had ups and downs due to her condition (mostly because she comes from a small rural place), after a prolonged period of depression she managed to fully accept herself and as of now, not only does she appreciate her beard, but thoroughly enjoys it and considers it as one of the main elements of her aesthetic beauty, including sexuality!

the bearded lady


By Mihail Bonev

Dakota The Bearded Lady is a lady who identifies as queer and has the ability to grow a full-fledged facial beard! She comes from a small town near Los Angeles while currently living in Los Angeles itself and working as a street performer with great success! 

But to that later, as her story is one for the ages!

While as of now she’s aware that her ability to grow facial her is due to the fact that her adrenal gland produces extra testosterone, that wasn’t always the case.

the bearded lady

Coming from a small rural place near Los Angeles, this phenomenon which literary defines her aesthetic beauty in the present, was not so well received by her family and peers in the past.

Her earliest memory of her ability to grow facial hair was at the age of early fourteen, during mid-puberty, and that combined with the scorn from her parents and her peers made it a really tough part of her life.

Puberty is hard as it is already, as it’s an integral part of our life in which we feel most at a loss, having us place the first steps on the journey to self-discovery.

As such, puberty is also the period in our life when we’re emotionally most vulnerable, and in Dakota’s case, when that vulnerability was met with social judgment from her peers and even parents (who initially sent her to a hair stylist to wax her beard off), really didn’t pave the road for her proper emotional growth.

the bearded lady

In her own words, since the discovery that she can grow facial hair and the scorn that accompanied it set her emotional state in a 10 year depressive spiral with deep self-esteem issues.

However, she’s been growing, grooming and taking care of her beard for the last 5 years now, and she’s never felt better than before!

Not only did she turn the tables and learned to love herself, but to also love her beard!

She considers her beard as the most integral part of her aesthetic beauty, making her feel both unique and sexy!

the bearded lady

Because Dakota’s story one that’s unique with a happy end, Travis Hoefle was naturally drawn to it and with no 2nd thought in mind, he simply went over to LA and interviewed this magnificent human phenomenon!

Even though people still do gaze at her with curiosity, it doesn’t really bother it anymore as now instead of feeling judged, she says that due to the way she presents herself, people themselves have started to approach her in a warmer manner!

Currently Living in Los Angeles, she works as a sideshow performer where she inserts different (and often somewhat dangerous!) objects into her nostrils, often referred to as a human blockhead.

She thoroughly enjoys her work, especially the atmosphere her crowd creates when people get either excited to see her art or baffled at her extraordinary ability, in two cases having people actually faint in front of her from excitement!

While Dakota The Bearded Lady’s story had a rough beginning, it has been going for the better ever since and we hope that it’ll keep going for the better, as she both continues to grow emotionally as a person and to improve her art!

Watch the video below, and be sure to subscribe to iwonder TV!

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