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Kevin Casters Is Obsessed With Putting On Fake Casts And Going Out In Public

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

  • Meet the man who puts casts on himself just for the fun of it, going out casted in public solely to brighten people’s day with his appearance!

  • He has put so many casts on himself so far, he’s confident that he can probably cast better than your everyday average orthopedist (having his passion for fun and a kink for odd is his driving force furthermost in his endeavor!)

  • From short arm and leg casts to long double casts to a full-body cast and even a “mummy” casting, he’s pretty much done it all!

kevin casters casting himself


Kevin is an extraordinary man as his fascination with casting existed even before he actually had put on his first cast, and as he got older and got more personal freedom, he bought some fiberglass and put his first cast on his own, which in retrospect was the kindle that gave light to his new eccentric lifestyle!

On a personal basis, he genuinely enjoys the feeling of it, and besides it being just a really fun hobby, it also offers him a different perspective on life with the challenge and ultimately, the adventure which simply having the cast brings with it!

kevin casting himself

Walking with double leg casting for him is rather difficult, and that’s the exact reason as to why he intentionally hasn’t used any crutches yet, explaining that the feeling of imitating a “Satyr”, or more commonly known as a goat-man is pretty cool for him, even with the adversity the execution of the whole idea brings with it!

casting at the store

He casts himself usually once a month, sometimes one or two times more, and go out in public just to make people laugh and brighten their day as his whole appearance in accord with his odd demeanor is absolutely hilarious!

kevin caster

Speaking of going out in public, he actually went down in downtown Chicago to check if some people would like to sign his cast just for the fun of it!

As a man with a kink for the odd who expands on his idea with one of the most ingenious methods ever witnessed, this was nothing short of a jackpot for Travis Hoefle who went out and personally interviewed the phenomenon to not only provide proper exposure, but also give a little snack for anyone who has a sweet tooth for the beauty of oddness!

fan taking a photo with kevin caster

Having Kevin be the joker he is, the whole process of casting himself and going out in public is just for fun and the absolute silliness of it, engaging anyone who’d like to converse with him in a positive light, making everyone’s day brighter and even his own personal experience more enjoyable!

He jokingly makes up reasons as to why he’s casted, often having people open up to him about their issues in the past with casts and other similar medical ordeals, eventually having his cast look like a beautiful summer decoration with all the drawings and signatures people put on it, making his odd hobby an even more enticing phenomenon!

fan taking a photo with kevin caster

Many people recognize him due to his appearance on the TV show called “Tic my strange addiction”, and joyfully call him out as the “Cast guy”!

One of the appeals of his casting hobby is the challenges it brings, even when talking about really small or silly things, like simply eating a burrito with a double long arm casting, quoting that “It’s pretty challenging to at when you can’t bend your elbows”!

eating food casting

Even though some people have shown some distaste for his hobby, he ultimately does it for his genuine personal satisfaction, for the positive vibes which people give him (having them approach him rather than the other way around!), and he does it solely for the purpose to have fun, both personally and with other oddness enthusiasts with no intention to offend or belittle anyone!

Watch the video below, and be sure to subscribe to iwonder TV!

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