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Full Time Adult Baby Has Her Own Nursery

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

  • Paigey lives this lifestyle 24/7, yet she’s her own caregiver!

  • She doesn’t amount to a particular age, but considers herself a happy little girl and not a toddler!

  • People don’t usually have a negative reaction to her lifestyle as she neither bothers anyone nor has her lifestyle affect anyone!

  • For her, it’s a conscious decision to have this soothing lifestyle!

  • For her, it’s the best life she could possibly be living!


By Nikola Bonev

Paigey lives this baby lifestyle 24/7, and with everything that comes with it! She sleeps in a crib (which was custom made for her), playing with adorable baby girl toys! In her words, “She usually plays nice but sometimes she just can’t help herself!” She has her so called “Wall of Fun”, filled with diapers, extra toys, and most importantly, the cupboard with her baby wipes, baby lotion and rash cream!

Paigey wears diapers 24/7 and does both number 1 and 2 in them, simply because it adheres to her consciously decided lifestyle. She’s her own caretaker, and has consciously decided to live this lifestyle as she finds her personal sanctuary and comfort in it, living a great life in her own words.

She actually likes wearing diapers because they make her feel small, cute and secure.

One of the most fascinating facts is that it was a coherent, adult decision that she made to live as a baby, and she even sustains herself with all the necessities her lifestyle requires!

She not only changes her diapers herself, but she also prepares her own baby food, fixes up her baby cradle, bathes herself with baby toys and even applies her baby powder and rash cream herself! If nothing else, she’s proven vigilant in the pursuit in her lifestyle and does it to the fullest extent possible! That kind of dedication is a victory on its own.

As any other baby, she takes baths only with a lot of toys, while letting her imagination let loose! All manners and sets of ducks and planes form all types of scenarios as she takes her baths.

Her life isn’t abrasive to other people’s lives and doesn’t bother anyone, and in her words, she lives a pretty normal life, still keeping ties with her family and not doing anything that would lead to her being shunned by society!

She’s highly intelligent, very well spoken, yet an adult baby! Regarding food, she prefers it tender, soft and sweet, so she has a lot of soup and chocolate milk in her food cupboard, which she prepares in a baby fashion herself!

She likes to eat her chocolate milk while watching Clifford the big Red Dog, her favorite show of all times! For her, her lifestyle isn’t anything sexual, and while it can be, in her case it simply isn’t anything alike.

All the negative connotation that comes with her lifestyle is from people that simply don’t understand Paigey or what she’s trying to do and achieve by practicing this unique and eccentric lifestyle that simply fulfills her emotionally!

Her bedroom is filled with things she’s been collecting her whole life, eventually becoming her unrivaled prized possession, taking a lot of time to become what it is today and in the video.

In her words, her lifestyle isn’t affecting anyone else, makes her happy and she still manages to live a normal life, having normal relations with her family and society as a whole, and due to this unrivaled vigilance in one’s pursuit of happiness, Travis Hoefle went and personally interviewed Paigey so we can get a more in-depth understanding of her unique lifestyle!

Watch the video below, and be sure to subscribe to iWonder TV!

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