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Fran Capo Is The World’s Fastest Talking Woman

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

  • The world's fastest talker who is also an adventure mom

  • Fran can Speak up to 603 Words Per -Minute 

  • She can say the “Three Little Pigs’ cover-to-cover reading time of just 13 seconds

  • A mother, an adventurer, a stand-up comic and the author of 19 books

fran capo world's fastest talker


By Luke Kenton

This ‘adventure mum’ who lives life in the fast lane can also talk in it too, speaking up to 603 words per-minute which has seen her land the title ‘world’s fastest talking woman’.

A mother, an adventurer, a stand-up comic and the author of 19 books, you may wonder how New York native, Fran Capo, is able to fit everything into her busy schedule – but adept at saying 11 words in a single second, Fran certainly saves a lot of time on the chit-chat.

Boasting a ‘Three Little Pigs’ cover-to-cover reading time of just 13 seconds, Fran landed the Guinness World Record for fastest talking woman live on TV in 1986, managing a staggering 585 words in a minute.

fran capo world's fastest talker

Not to be outdone by herself, the rapid talker managed to eclipse her own record just four years later, totaling 603 words inside 60 seconds – a record that is still yet to be beaten.

Providing a glimpse into what it’s like to be the World’s fastest talker – including a hilarious exchange with a bewildered sandwich shop worker – Fran spoke to Travis Hoefle from iwonder TV about her relentless lifestyle.

Fran said: “I’ve been talking fast for [over] 20 years.

“It’s funny the way people react when I talk really fast, a lot of times they just look at me and go ‘huh?’.

“The way that they [World Record Officials] is they do a couple of things.

“First, they have a machine called the Lexicon Compressor and then, they have a speech analyst who analyses every single syllable, if you miss even one syllable the record is null and void.

fran capo world's fastest talker

“Besides fast-talking, I’m a stand-up comic; I produce comedy shows; I’m a motivational

speaker; I do voiceovers; I’ve written 19 books and I’m also an adventure mom.

“I do adventures all over the world on every single continent.

“But out of all of them my three favourite have to be doing a book signing on top of Kilimanjaro, going down to the wreck sight of the titanic and tornado chasing.

“Someone once asked me ‘will you ever run out of words?

“Never, my mind is constantly going.

“But, if I ever did, I’d be done speaking about twenty years ago.”

Watch the video below, and be sure to subscribe to iwonder TV

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