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Chuck E. Cheese Removed Him But The King Is Back

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

  • Meet Jared Sanchez, a man who’s childhood love for Chuck E. Cheese’s animal musicians themed theatre was so big, he went out and restored the animatronics which he now uses to make his personally inspired parody content on Youtube!

  • Jared Sanchez was introduced to Chuck E. Cheese as a kid and was so mesmerized by the theme of the pizza place that he continued to ask his parents to have him celebrate his birthday there every single birthday, up till the age of twelve when he realized that the king was missing!

  • Although he never planned on eventually fully recreating the animatronics, let alone manage them regarding their clothing, programing and even voice acting to produce content on Youtube, destiny eventually made his original vague idea into reality!

  • Not only did Jared Sanchez recreate the robots, but he also took up sewing in order to dress them up properly, learned some programing to manage them accordingly and solely does the full voice acting for every single member of his band.

Chuck E. Cheese The King


By Mihail Bonev

When Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza time theatre with a theme of animatronic animals as musicians was shut down due to Chuck E. Cheese bankruptcy and its takeover by their corporate nemesis, The Snowbiz Pizza Place, the theme of animatronic animals as a musical band was shut down.

Of all the animatronics at Chuck E. Cheese, The King was hit with the highest collateral damage as he was left to decompose in a storage bin, while a few other kings were converted into “King Kats”, with Jared Sanchez doing all the impersonation in order to bring back the original aesthetic!

The King

Jared Sanchez never abandoned his childhood love for The King or the Chuck E. Cheese band as a thing, so he went out and restored the band, making parody songs in his personal show as we speak after he recreated the king over 22 years later which he uploads on his personal Youtube channel!

His new band of animatronics is composed of “King Puff”, “King John”, “Four” (the tall flute playing jazzy android), and of course, the original King!

The Kings
King John

After purchasing the first animatronic The King from a warehouse and restoring it, the Youtube content which he produced using him gained so much traction that fans contacted him and sold him another one, while a few months later he was contacted by a fan from Texas who just gave him one, eventually having Jared find the 4th one and complete the whole band!

While initially, the whole concept was somewhat of a vague idea, he never thought that he’d end up with four working animatronic 9 foot tall 700 hundred pound robots at his disposal with which to create genius parody based content with the kings!

King Puff

Since the original Kings were from the 1980ties, he tried to not only recreate that sense of clothing and aesthetic, but also the playful banter between the kings to make the whole experience that much more immersive (which he also personally voices all of them, including their difference in accent, demeanor, likes / dislikes and things alike!).

Because he’s a one-man factory, in order to properly dress up and recreate the aesthetic he was aiming for, he personally took on sewing in order to provide proper clothing apparel for all the members of the band.


He also dabbles a little bit in programing, and with the help which “HauntBot’s” provides in animating his pneumatic robots, much alike a contemporary puppet master, he can make the robots behave as he’d like or desire in order to for them to come out as genuine as possible.

The King are pneumatic, meaning they operate on air pressure, having their movement controlled by increasing or decreasing pressure through their built-in valves.

voice over

Even though their movement is really, really loud, with a little audio filtering and proper set up for their music, he animatronics’ background noise is not even noticeable.

Having Jared Sanchez do all the voices for all the band members is an astonishing feat on its own, so Travis Hoefle went out and interviewed this powerhouse of a man to check up on his work of recreating many people’s childhood memories, and now Jared is even working on a song devoted to iwonderTV!

Watch the video below, and be sure to subscribe to iwonderTV!

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